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Two chefs — Cat Smith and Ashley Christmas — have joined their talents and their food knowledge to start their own podcast. It’s called “Taste Charm City” — where interviews of local food personalities, restaurant reviews, culinary event updates, and cooking advice prevail. The Thursday bi-weekly podcasts can be found on These two food experts can also be found on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram with photos, commentary, and live streaming of food events and trends in and around Baltimore. In Chef Cat’s and Chef Ashley’s words, “Taste Charm City gives honest opinions of restaurants and local specialties while keeping Baltimore foodies up-to-date with any and everything involving locale fare and events.”
Chef Smith, a graduate of the Baltimore International Culinary College, worked her way up through Guy Fieri’s Kitchen and Bar as sous chef, then executive chef at Dovecote Café. She is currently the sous chef at Hotel Indigo while, at the same time, pursuing her master’s degree in acquisitions and procurement management. Chef Christmas got her bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore in hotel/restaurant management with a minor in culinary arts, and she is also a certified dietary manager. Her CV includes managing restaurants and culinary departments in luxury senior living communities. She has started her own private chef company called “She Cooks” which provides private chef services both for home consumers and corporate events.
Taste Charm City — Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and SoundCloud: @TasteCharmCity.

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