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Pigtown has a long history. Its name — ‘Pigtowne’ — dates back to the mid-1800s when the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad released its cargo of pigs from the Midwest to be processed in slaughterhouses and meat packing plants in South Baltimore. Bordered by Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to the east, Monroe Street to the west, Russell Street to the south, and West Pratt Street to the north, the neighborhood is also known as “Washington Village,” an urban renewal name given by the City of Baltimore.
According to Visit Baltimore, this socially and economically diverse area has enjoyed a reinvigoration “that is making it increasingly attractive to families and business owners.”
But until recently, Pigtown had a dearth of retail businesses. Enter Chef Sylva Lin and marketing pro Piper Booker, co-owners and creators of “Culinary Architecture,” an old-fashioned neighborhood market. Their shelves are well stocked with gourmet items ranging from BLiS bourbon-barrel-aged soy sauce to Col Papst Private Stash ‘all malt amber lager’ Worcestershire sauce. There is space for products by local artisans, including beverages, condiments, baking supplies, indie foods, and regional “Maryland Products.” In fact, throughout the summer, the market was a pickup location for Chesapeake Farm to Table produce. According to the Culinary Architecture website: “Like most things you’ll find in our market, our products have a story behind them – from farmer and baker, to candlestick maker.”
But it’s much more than just a market. It’s also a daily to-go kitchen that produces everything from savory pies — think merguez lamb, rosemary chicken, and French onion — to Southern biscuits, cheddar, potato, and beer soup, and white chocolate and Italian amarena cherry brownies. Menus for both sweet and savory goodies are updated on sections of rolled down butcher paper.
Culinary Architecture has visually stunning outdoor space for special dining events, occasionally mashed up with live music. Plus, a full catering menu is available for seasonal events, corporate functions, fundraisers, private parties, and more. In its short life, Culinary Architecture has become a social hub for the neighborhood. What’s next for Lin and Booker, by the way? It is their Hollins’ Street grab-and-go food and beverage space, Culinary Architecture Cafe in the Lion Brothers Building.
Visit Culinary Architecture Market and Kitchen, 767 Washington Boulevard, Baltimore, Maryland 21230, 443-708-8482,, Facebook: @culinaryarchitecture, Twitter; @culartbaltimore, Instagram: @culinaryarchitecture.

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