Live from the NRA Show: Southern Bluefin Tuna Touts Itself As ‘Sustainable Luxury Food’

NRA 03 051609 I saw my first farm raised bluefin tuna today … at the Australian Pavilion at the NRA Show in Chicago. William Wall is the dude with this prize catch. I don't pretend to know enough to absolutely declare this is the 'cat's meow' but it looks and sounds mighty good.

Here is what the operators of Cleanseas have to say:

The waters in which we farm are amongst the most pristine in the world. Fed by cold, nutrient rich Antarctic waters from the Great Southern Ocean, the farms are located in areas of high tidal movement, consistent flow and temperature.

At Cleanseas we’ve worked with leading feed producers to develop feeds which are as close as possible to the natural diet of each species of fish farmed. The feeds are locally produced, natural feeds from sustainable sources – NON GMO content.

We focus on using the best quality feed as part of our ongoing commitment to producing the best possible eating fish.

Every element of our farming practices are designed to produce the perfect fish.

Wild caught brood stock ensures clean, natural genetics. The state-of-the-art hatchery facilities in Arno Bay produce fingerlings of the highest quality. The fish are transferred to an open water culture environment, strategically located in the Spencer Gulf and managed by a team of aquaculture professionals. Here, they enjoy a stress free environment, created through low stocking densities, daily monitoring and a pollution free environment.

The fish are harvested using age old Japanese protocols complimented by the latest technology. Pneumatic stunning and gill bleeding, followed by immediate salt water ice chilling, ensures maximum freshness and flavour and a premium shelf life.

There is more to be learned.

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