Guest Services Honors Zack Quarles for 60 Years of Service

Jeff Marquis, President/COO; Zack Quarles; Gerry Gabrys, CEO

Jeff Marquis, President/COO; Zack Quarles; Gerry Gabrys, CEO

Guest Services, Inc., a Fairfax, VA-based hospitality management company in business since 1917, recently honored one of its own for 60 years of dedicated service.

In 1953, Zack Quarles was hired by the company then known as Government Services, Inc. to work at one of its foodservice operations. Since that time, Government Services has become Guest Services, and Mr. Quarles has worked at a total of nine of the company’s Washington Metropolitan Area locations in positions ranging from attendant, to assistant manager, to maintenance engineer (the position he currently holds at Guest Services’ corporate headquarters).

Over the years, Mr. Quarles’ performance reviews have contained such accolades as, “He has always worked above and beyond the scope of his work schedule,” “Superior performance,” “Takes pride in doing his job well,” and “Ensures a positive work environment.” He is unfailingly helpful, caring, friendly, and never without a smile.

As Guest Services’ employee with the longest service record in the company’s history, Mr. Quarles stands as an inspiration, and he is the embodiment of the company’s mission statement: to provide quality products and service to its customers.

Guest Services is a private hospitality company and National Park Service concessionaire that has provided food, lodging, retail and recreation services since 1917. The Fairfax, Virginia-based company and its subsidiaries employ over 3,500 staff at more than 250 facilities that welcome approximately 25 million guests annually across the United States. Lancaster Foods, LLC, a subsidiary of Guest Services, processes and distributes fresh produce to retail and wholesale customers along the entire East Coast.


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