Go Fish! Missy Carr: Driving the Seafood Truck

In the past few years, food trucks have gained great popularity, selling every food type from barbecue and doughnuts to kebabs and bratwurst. But the one category that may be filled by only one or two vendors? Seafood.
That’s where Missy Carr and her Go Fish truck win the prize. Driving around and selling her goodies, primarily in Montgomery County and sometimes in DC, Carr sells a variety of fishy goods, from fish and shrimp tacos and lobster rolls to crab quesadillas and salmon burgers. She even sells on any given day such soups as Clam “Chowda” and Red Hot Maryland crab. It all sounds so yummy!
But how did a trained chef who graduated from Gaithersburg’s L’Academie de Cuisine choose food trucks over restaurant kitchens? She actually did cook in some area restaurants, worked as private chef, taught cooking, and had her own catering business. But when the wholesale company ProFish caught her attention, she partnered with them to sell retail home delivery of raw fish, and Go Fish was born. To do so, Carr and her partners bought a food truck as a marketing tool for the Go Fish brand in the community. She also frequented farmers’ markets on weekends to sell not only fresh fish but also ready-to-eat seafood.
“We went to markets,” she said. “It was expensive, and we had perishable food products. So when you are left with several pounds of scallops, there was nothing we could do with that perishable product on the truck. It was a real tough balance to keep inventory moving.” By late morning and early afternoon, to start selling prepared seafood was a better business model than selling raw fish.
Carr realized that no high-end food trucks were traveling around the Montgomery County area. “So in 2013,” she said, “I bought out the Go Fish food truck business from ProFish and stopped delivering fresh seafood product. I just focused on prepared seafood in the food truck business.”
Now with 24+ food trucks, Carr has selected suburban areas where fewer food options exist. “We go around in Montgomery County to service office buildings for lunch” she said. “Business managers post emails to let employees know we are coming. In DC, you can just pull up because people are expecting food trucks. But some restaurants in my area don’t want us near them so it is a little extra work because of the scheduling.”
To help potential customers, Carr posts on Facebook, Foodtruck Fiesta, and Instagram and tweets on Twitter as the best ways to let people know where to find her truck. “I am working on creating an app,” she said. “Right now, I am scheduling through the fall.”
And which are the most popular Go Fish treats? Number one are the fish tacos, she said, of all the items she sells. “Really, my fish tacos are the most popular item we have,” she said. “These are very good. We have sold many thousands, last year, about 7,000.”
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