Gift Cards With a Difference — Good at Over 300 Restaurants

If you have ever found yourself standing in front of a gift card kiosk at a local retail store, saying to yourself “Ugh, I don’t know,” you are not alone. Millions of people collectively spend billions of dollars on gift cards every year. However, most seem to be overwhelmed with the different options and ultimately unsatisfied with their purchase. The obligatory iTunes gift card purchased at the grocery store on the way to a 13th birthday party seems to be a very convenient last minute idea, until you discover that the birthday boy has an android phone and needs a Google Play gift card instead.
The most difficult part of choosing a gift card is knowing the recipient’s likes and dislikes. If you know that ABC restaurant is a favorite, then everything falls into place pretty easily. But what if you don’t know? How many times do you purchase a gift card for a co-worker, a client, customers, or your child’s school teacher? Are you really sure that Mrs. Smith likes ABC restaurant, or that one is even close to where she lives or works?
The Restaurant Association of Maryland solved this dilemma long ago when it created Dine Out Maryland gift certificates. These certificates are redeemable at over 300 different restaurants in the state of Maryland. No matter where you live or work, there are plenty of options. No need to worry about what a favorite restaurant might be or which restaurant is on the meaning-to-try list.
Over the holidays, keep Dine Out Maryland gift certificates in mind. This is a great way to support the restaurants in Maryland, while not having to worry about picking the perfect one. Dine Out Maryland gift certificates can be purchased online at, with free shipping on every order.


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