Congressional Seafood ‘Meet the Fish’ Lobster Price Alert!

If lobster is in your near future, take a look at this news from Congressional Seafood regarding the Canadian lobster season in full swing right now … or at least trying to be.
Live Canadian Hardshell Lobsters

cong_ping_copyThe lobster season in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia has gotten off to the worst start in over three decades. Storm after storm with high winds has rolled through the Canadian maritimes since the season began December 1, severely curtailing the number of lobster fishing days. When the boats have gotten out, catches have been low. Prices are jumping daily right now. The Maine catch is all but done. Availability is spotty on some sizes.

Exacerbating the problem, many Canadian fishermen are holding their catches in crates in the harbor, waiting for even higher prices before selling them. Rumor has it, we may see $10 lobsters for New Years. One might consider running Downeast lobster tails and or lobster meat instead of live lobsters for the Holidays.

source: Congressional Seafood, 800-991-8750

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