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$30 Crabmeat? $30 Lobster Meat? The New Normal?

$30 Crabmeat? $30 Lobster Meat? The New Normal?

We are eight years into an economic recovery after one of the most severe recessions our country has ever seen. I, along with everyone else, watched in amazement as most seafood proteins broke price barriers we never in our wildest dreams thought possible. The seafood business is a classic example of the law of supply […]

Restaurant Kitchen Design

What is the most important design element when you build a new restaurant or even remodel? You may have a limited budget, limited time, and limited space. Regardless, there are a few basic buidling blocks you must consider. Restaurant Kitchen Components Grills, ranges, fryers and hoods probably come to mind. Maybe frantic employees running around […]

What Kind of Fish Is That?

What Kind of Fish Is That?

FDA Consumer Report: Have you sometimes wondered if that “wild caught” salmon actually came from an aqua farm? Or if the “U.S. catfish” in the display case might have been born and raised in Vietnam? Is that “red snapper” actually red snapper and worth the premium price? Scientists at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are […]

Technomic's Breakfast Report Highlights Opportunities to Drive Traffic

Technomic’s Breakfast Report Highlights Opportunities to Drive Traffic

Major foodservice brands—from restaurants to retailers—have been looking for ways to capitalize on breakfast, introducing a slew of new breakfast items and retooled breakfast menus, all designed to get customers in the door in the morning. But all this operator activity doesn’t necessarily translate into restaurant traffic: most people still source breakfast from home, and […]

SPECIAL REPORT: Is Your Restaurant at Risk? by P.J. Dempsey

Commercial uniform and linen supply services help create a clean, safe restaurant environment for employees and patrons Early one warm Sunday morning last June, Dempsey Linen & Uniform Supply experienced a soil room fire at its Jessup, Pa. plant. The fire started in a container of restaurant kitchen towels and aprons that was picked up […]