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Keep Your Restaurant Profitable with These Best Practices

Happy summer everyone! Every month, I try to offer guidance related to the tough job of running a restaurant efficiently and profitably, with suggestions that come from my 45 years of experience in the hospitality business. Managing a profitable restaurant is certainly no simple feat. This month, I take a slightly different approach and present […]

Part 2: Upgrading to the New Genre of Combi Ovens

To summarize the first two parts of our technology refresh conversation, we first assessed the value of your POS and the “hows and whys” associated with replacing or upgrading, so you can derive a better ROI for your pocketbook and for your employees and guests. Then last month, the conversation moved to some compelling points […]

Part 2: Upgrading Digital Menu Boards and Kitchen Display Screens

Last month, we reviewed the “hows and whys” for upgrading or replacing your current POS system, beginning a discussion on technology benefits and return on investment for your hospitality business. In this piece, we lay out the rationale for other technology upgrades in your restaurant — specifically, the addition of Digital Menu Boards (DMB) and […]

Is It Time to Assess and Refresh Your POS System and Restaurant Technologies?

It was not too long ago when your point of sale (POS) system was most likely the only technology you had in your restaurant. You bought it even though you thought it was too expensive, it made things more impersonal, it was too hard to program and too hard to learn. But you bought it, […]

A Loss for the Hospitality Community

Mourning the death of my old friend, Michael Birchenall Most of you only knew Michael from his picture in this magazine over the years. Most of you enjoyed his candid and always on-point editorials and learned a little something about hospitality as you read. I know I did. Not just from his writings, but in […]

Lessons Learned from the Annual OCHMRA Spring Trade Expo

Many of us in the hospitality business make a point of going to the Ocean City Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Association (OCHMRA) Expo every year. It is a welcome respite from the day-to-day routine and provides much to observe and learn. (In years past, I learned not to eat so much fried food and to save the wine […]

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