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Trouble in the Chesapeake Bay Oyster & Crab Business

Proper stewardship and management of a shared public resource, when done correctly, makes for a great story and benefits the public and all stakeholders. However, when things don’t go as planned, the finger -pointing starts, and the political blame game begins. Wild oyster season started October 1 in the Maryland waters of the Chesapeake. On that date, […]

$30 Crabmeat? $30 Lobster Meat? The New Normal?

$30 Crabmeat? $30 Lobster Meat? The New Normal?

We are eight years into an economic recovery after one of the most severe recessions our country has ever seen. I, along with everyone else, watched in amazement as most seafood proteins broke price barriers we never in our wildest dreams thought possible. The seafood business is a classic example of the law of supply […]