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Sanitizing Basics … For Real

Any food establishment owner or manager knows that the key to being successful is to keep your establishment free of pests, clean, and for cooking and prep areas, sanitized. Do you have to sanitize your whole building? No. If food is not touching it, then you don’t have to sanitize it. Cleaning is the process […]

For Real … What Do I Do? Food Recall?

Every day, I get email notifications or see news reports about food recalls. We primarily think food is recalled because of biological contamination, like E. coli, salmonella, or other pathogenic bacteria in the food. However, recalls are often due to mislabeling of ingredients, failure to declare allergens on the label, or a piece of plastic, […]

For Real … What Is ‘Sous Vide’ Cooking?

When conducting our Food Service Manager classes, we touch on the subject of sous vide cooking, the variance, and the HACCP required to obtain the variance.  Even though sous vide has become a more fashionable method of cooking, a lot of students don’t know what it means or entails. First, HACCP is an acronym that […]

You Can Eat Raw Beef … For Real

Last month, we talked about the popularity of sushi and how people can eat raw fish if bought from an approved supplier, farm raised or previously frozen. I would like to add a correction and clarification here in regard to raw fish consumption. In an interview conducted with Joseph J. Lasprogata, vice president of product […]

Parasites in Our Salmon and What to Do … For Real

Sushi, it seems, has become more and more fashionable here in the U.S.  When we say sushi grade fish, most people presume it is fresh, raw fish. This is probably one of the best misconceptions in the sushi world. The fish you are eating raw is not fresh and has been previously frozen. U.S. law […]

100’s Suffer from Foodborne Illness at 2014 Food Safety Summit … for real

I have been to the Food Safety Summit in Baltimore twice now. Last year I did not attend. In a certain way, I am relieved that I didn’t because there was a foodborne illness outbreak from food served at the Food Safety Summit. Ironic snickering aside, this was real. You can’t make this up. The […]

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