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Lisa Yockelson — Baker Extraordinaire

Describing D.C. baker Lisa Yockelson as a genius might sound overstated. But, in truth, she is one of the country’s most notable baking experts — author of several prize-winning baking books and with a small army of devout baking followers. Wondering how she develops her outstanding recipes is a puzzle, indicating that her mind races […]

Janet Terry and her Community Farmers Market

Twenty years ago, one of the first major farmers markets — the FRESHFARMS Dupont Circle market — opened in Washington, DC. Since then, nearly 200 farmers markets have opened in the metro area, and perhaps one of the most popular ones — at least, in Maryland — is the Olney Farmers & Artists Market in […]

I scream … You scream … We all scream … for Moorenkos!

Wait! What? That not the rhyme! But for local ice cream fanatics, the name “Moorenko’s” does have a rhyme of its own — local and yummy. Owner Susan Soorenko started the brand in a McLean ice cream store about 15 years ago. Her product now gets churned and frozen in Silver Spring. And the brand […]

Tea for Two … or Twenty … or More!

Next to water, tea is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. Whether it is green tea or one of today’s composite tea blends, a cuppa’ tea — hot or iced — warms the soul and delights the moment. And one of the most notable area proponents of tea is Laurie Bell, of […]

Evelyn Bunoan, Filipina Chef Extraordinaire

Evelyn Bunoan, Filipina Chef Extraordinaire

Most people would simply drive by and not notice the small brick-front building at 3610 Lee Highway in Arlington, Va., with its nondescript sign over a small entrance door. However, this little gem — the Philippine Oriental Market — is the go-to place for the local Filipino community. Why is it so popular? Because its […]