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Potable water during hurricane-caused floods

Last month, while watching the news about Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Hurricane Irma in Florida and the Caribbean, I was amazed and gutted by footage of the floods and the devastation that Mother Nature can inflict. Seeing the floods on telly, it struck me how ironic life can be — so, so, so much […]

Don’t Let Your Dirty Mobile Phone Make People Sick! — For Real

Mobile phones — they are our everything now. They have taken the place of so many items we used to use — our home phones, our computers for email and research, our social media, our news updates, our weather forecasts, our photo albums, our television and movies, our calendars, our alarm clocks, our GPS, our […]

‘Drink’ Food Safety? …. Yes, Absolutely! For Real

Many years ago, when I was a restaurant server and bartender, I would be annoyed by customers asking me for lemon in their water. It was a new trend then. If I forgot to add the lemon automatically, I would be rushing back to get slices, sometimes having to get even more when another customer […]

What is Botulism — For Real

We have been writing a lot of HACCP plans lately for food establishments across the country. Most are preparing menu items using sous vide method cooking or vacuum packaging some of their products for food storage purposes. We often get asked why a variance and HACCP plan are necessary. According to the FDA Food Code, […]

Sanitizing Basics … For Real

Any food establishment owner or manager knows that the key to being successful is to keep your establishment free of pests, clean, and for cooking and prep areas, sanitized. Do you have to sanitize your whole building? No. If food is not touching it, then you don’t have to sanitize it. Cleaning is the process […]

For Real … What Do I Do? Food Recall?

Every day, I get email notifications or see news reports about food recalls. We primarily think food is recalled because of biological contamination, like E. coli, salmonella, or other pathogenic bacteria in the food. However, recalls are often due to mislabeling of ingredients, failure to declare allergens on the label, or a piece of plastic, […]

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