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A Mentor’s Light to Hope and Hospitality

Mentors enrich and celebrate our talents, inspiring us to believe — such as my pianist grandmother, who turned me on to Rachmaninoff, Ravel, and Beethoven. She left an indelible mark that sparked my music career, recording and playing with Woodstock icon Richie Havens. When that career stalled, waiting tables seemed a deep drop from riding […]

The Guided Tour: How to Avoid Pitfalls and Master the Good Stuff

How many times have you heard a well-crafted menu tour from a knowledgeable, caring server? One in twenty outings…maybe? Without a tour, guests can be their own worst enemies. They order “safe” and miss out on the hidden treasures of your menu. O: Open with a call to attention and a benefit to listening Kick […]

Seamless Systems: Four Ways to Make the Right Thing the Easiest Thing to Do

After a boat ride up the Potomac one October afternoon, I stopped by a Washington Harbour cafe with my family. While struggling to put two tables together, a server scolded, “You must check in with the host, and you can’t sit here unless you order entrees!” Needless to say, we took our $70 elsewhere. When we experience […]

Seven Ways Successful Servers Sell Using the Power of the Senses

How can you sell more without using words? Sure, great waiters paint pictures and use words that “taste” good, but they also masterfully use the power of the senses to create impulse buying. Create a display case Guests often buy off the next table as much as the menu. Bet you’ve seen table-shopping guests crane […]

Mastering goodbye is the key to repeat business

Don’t let your efforts go up in smoke at the finish line. Embrace a series of artful tactics and strategies to ensure a perfect ending. 1. Be hyper-vigilant at the end of the meal. Do your guests want to linger over Gran Marnier or bolt for the Cineplex? * Work your table to the bitter […]

Answering, ‘What’s good?’ is Your Ticket to Paradise

When guests ask, “What’s good?” they’re really saying, “Tell me what to buy.” They’re saying, “Here’s my American Express card…have at it.” This advice-seeking question is your pass to the “Promised Land.” Unfortunately, too many servers respond with, “Everything’s good.” That’s code for, “I don’t have a clue,” or “I’m too lazy to bother.” 1.  […]

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