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10 Tips for Restaurant Training Success

1. Be an expert. The fastest way to deflate an audience is to not know the jargon and the ins and outs of a business. Know your topic and connect the concepts and techniques to real-life experiences. You’ll be effective, believable, and confident. 2. Set the stage. Restaurants are less than ideal training venues. Their […]

Server Alert: 3 Fullproof Ways to Up Your Game

Back in my musician days, while opening for the likes of Neil Young and Richie Havens, I never gave much thought to restaurant service. That all changed when waiter Steven Hayes at the Garden Restaurant in Ocean City, Md. cast a spell with stories of the Garden’s local seafood that was enhanced with home-grown herbs. […]

Greeting: Six Steps to Set the Stage for a Powerful Performance

Most of us size up our server in the first few minutes — even seconds. How well you manage the greeting, with its multitude of opportunities to express warmth and thoughtfulness, sets the stage for a great or lackluster customer experience. 1. Assist guests everywhere Years ago, I observed a couple seated at the bar […]

Economizers: Don’t Fight ‘Em, Join ‘Em

The best servers breathe, adjust, and flow to guests’ ever-changing styles, moods, and pocketbooks.     Having a planned approach to every diner, whether an economizer, faithful regular, complete meal diner, or jackpot table, maximizes your income and their experience. Don’t Pre-judge On a Tuesday night after the holiday rush, I worked a shift at the Georgetown […]

Casting: Your Secret Weapon to Building a Championship Team

A manager’s greatest gift is to put people in roles they love and let them fly. Build your Hospitality A-Team by tuning into your team members’ special talents and putting them in roles where they’ll shine the brightest. I’ll never forget former manager Michelle, who berated me for stacking plates in front of two guests. […]

Product Knowledge Pays

From peeking under a stairwell to look up terms like chicken vindaloo at 14 Market in Charleston, S.C., to sniffing a handful of fresh basil at a Paolo’s food show in Georgetown, I find food fascinating. And using an experiential approach to make product knowledge come alive is a win/win for staff and guests. Consider […]

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