c. 1740 Comes to the 2015 Milton Inn

Another day, another great idea from Brian Boston, executive chef and owner of The Milton Inn as well as The Highland Inn … Ladies and gentlemen, introducing … the c. 1740 Lounge at The Milton Inn. The Milton Inn, a 274-year-old fieldstone building in Northern Baltimore County, is considered one of the premiere country dining spots in the U.S. and is a historic Maryland treasure. The Lounge has always been part of the restaurant, but it is now an individual entity with its own personality and menu. Not in the mood for a full-scale dinner? Want the same great food, ambience and service The Milton Inn is known for? The c. 1740 Lounge offers a small plates menu and these are huge, small plates people. Definitely enough for dinner for moi but you guys should order a few cuz it’s a great selection. Lobster Bacon Mac & Cheese, Seafood Martini, Zucchini “crab cake” and Venison Short Loin, to name a few dishes. The menu is available five days a week for lunch and dinner hours, Sunday through Friday.

Ware House 518 opened in the historic Mt. Vernon neighborhood paying homage to Baltimore’s roots as an industrial center, as well as to its own history as the former site for Ware & Co. Furniture. Formerly, Crēme Restaurant and Lounge, owner Ezra Tilaye has renovated the interior space while recognizing the architectural masterpiece that echoes Baltimore’s refined past. Translation? It’s a beautiful space. “Ware House 518 is a salute to the great neighborhood we are in,” says Ezra. “It is an acknowledgement of the previous occupants – from Louie’s Bookstore and Café (Side note: I LOVED that place!), and even well before that, when it was the home of a famous Baltimore furniture company. While our menu is uniquely our own, we are not shy to recognize the style, taste and memories that linger in this space.” The menu is defined as Southern-inspired, upscale – but casual – featuring pre-prohibition-style cocktails, wine pairings and local craft beers. Chef Christopher Vocci, formerly of Oyster Bay Grille takes the helm in the kitchen. His menu includes Maryland signature staples like Rockfish, oysters and crab cakes, along with other locally sourced specialties. Private dining options, with semi-private and private rooms, as well as off-premises catering are also available. Tilaye is also co-owner of Crēme in Washington, D.C.

Congrats: The o-so-fabulous Our House Cafe at 1121 Hull St in Locust Point just celebrated their two-year anniversary. This place is way too cute for words – it looks like you’re having a meal in your friend’s house. Thus, the name … duh. Home made pizza, fab salads and dressings, build your own breakfast pizza, stuffed Italian French toast, and homemade pretzels and mustard, cupcakes the list goes on. Tuesday’s are two-for-one beer and wine night. The rest of the week? Drinks are on the honor system. Say what? Big congrats to partners Dianne and Janis.

Beer Aficionados Alert: The “Uncharted Waters” series by Heavy Seas Beer is coming out with a new edition of Yule Tide. The limited release will be available from November – January. The 2014 edition is a very different style from last year’s Imperial Red Ale. In beer-speak—it’s aged for eight weeks in Jamaican Rum barrels. This year’s German-style Weizen DoppleBock offers a full malt body dominated by biscuit, caramel, raisin and chocolate notes. Rum barrel aging imparts a rich buttery rum character along with oaken vanilla notes. Banana and clove-like esters generated by the Bavarian ale yeast lend a fruity, spicy complexity to this hefty brew.

Turkey Day Tip: I made my first visit to Richardson Farms in White Marsh and …well … this is my new happy place! Forget farm to table—this food is so fresh it’s like dirt to dinner! Seriously, if you need anything for the holidays, their selection is spectacular. Under the direction of Executive Chef Ben Simpkins, the kitchen and deli prepares whole, carryout meals, or your choice of tasty food items such as rotisserie chickens, slow-smoked barbeque, cheese, deli meats, homemade soups, delicious crisp salads, ribs, pulled pork, homemade breads, fresh deli sandwiches and a serious selection of amazing desserts. And OMG-what an amazing place for special events. You. Must. Go. P.S. Chef Simpkins recently won the Best Vegetarian Dish at the Farm to Chef Culinary Competition.

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