Bagby’s Restaurant Group Opens Cunningham’s in Towson

Cunningham's bartender Young You

Cunningham’s bartender Young You

Number four for Bagby’s Restaurant Group and the first in Baltimore County, Cunningham’s is a sure-fire winner located in the heart of Towson. The bar tops off the restaurant with a panoramic view of Towson circle. The bar surface is underlit, the base is from the fieldstone from their Cunningham farm and antique copper pieces are the visual centerpieces above the bar. A subtle copper glow radiates from the open kitchen which is visible from all the dining rooms. A long narrow kitchen bar the length of kitchen gives patrons a front row view of the chefs hard at work. The top of the main dining room section is a bit more casual where as the other dining rooms have a more formal feel with linen covered tables.


1 Olympic Place

Towson, MD 



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